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Issue No. 13 | Winter 2014

Alive in the Sunshine

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Alive in the Sunshine

There’s no way toward a sustainable future without tackling environmentalism’s old stumbling blocks: consumption and jobs. And the way to do that is through a universal basic income.

In the Name of Love

“Do what you love” is the mantra for today’s worker. Why should we assert our class interests if, according to DWYL elites like Steve Jobs, there’s no such thing as work?

Regrounding Hollywood

Gravity points us back to the sensation cinema practices of the silent era, and it’s dimly possible that the American film industry might save itself by learning, or re-learning, from them.

The Bad Kind of Unionism

When police unions have widened their gaze beyond issues like compensation and working conditions, it’s been almost exclusively to conservative ends.

The Schizophrenic State

The American government’s response to the 2007–8 financial crisis reveals an increasing tension between its domestic and global responsibilities.

There’s a Gene for That

History is littered with horrifying examples of the misuse of evolutionary theory to justify power and inequality. Welcome to a new age of biological determinism.

Toward Cyborg Socialism

The failure of the American left to engage more substantially on environmental issues at home has real consequences for the expansion of neoliberalism worldwide.