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We Need Comrades

For too long, the individualist rhetoric of “self-care” has crowded out our sense of working collectively for shared goals. Comradeship is about our responsibility to each other — and it makes us better and stronger than we could ever be alone.

Why Los Angeles Teachers Endorsed Bernie

Los Angeles educators voted last week to endorse Bernie Sanders for president. Arlene Inouye of United Teachers Los Angeles speaks to us about the significance of their endorsement and why Sanders is the best candidate for the working class.

Labour Can Make a Radically Fairer Britain

If its plans are carried out, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party will radically transform the UK’s economic geography — shifting power and wealth out of a few tiny corners of London, and placing both into the hands of workers across the country.

Happy Birthday, Gilets Jaunes

Today marks one year since yellow-vested protesters first occupied roundabouts and intersections across France. The movement has given a voice to parts of society that usually go ignored — and the newfound spirit of revolt is continuing to shake Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Saving Europe’s Bankers, Not Its Workers

When European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi left office last month, he was widely praised for “saving the euro.” But he did this at the expense of working people — exploiting the crisis to impose an ever more unbreakable austerity regime.