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“Amazon Is a Breeding Ground”

Amazon workers are preparing to walk out of a Staten Island warehouse, claiming that COVID-19 is rampant there. “My job description says have a high school diploma and lift fifty pounds. It doesn't say risk my life working during a pandemic.”

From Acquiescence to Rebellion

People tend not to rebel against their oppressors, because the cost is simply too high. But sometimes they do, overcoming extraordinary odds — and understanding how and why rebellions like the Civil Rights Movement happen is crucial for socialists today.

Nationalize Amazon

Instead of letting Amazon use coronavirus to dominate even more of the economy, the company should be nationalized and reoriented to serve the public good instead of predatory capitalism.

Eduard Limonov, 1943–2020

The Russian provocateur Eduard Limonov venerated “talented misfits” and claimed to offer a galvanizing cause for hopeless youths. But his politics were built on Russian revanchism — a “National Bolshevism” combining fascist imagery with a claim to restore Soviet grandeur.

They Said Medicare for All Wouldn’t Work in Canada, Too

The bitter mid-20th century struggle waged by Canada’s socialists to achieve single-payer health care holds lessons for Americans today: all the predictions of disaster we hear today were made back then — yet Canadian Medicare is now the country’s most widely cherished institution.

“Stay Home and Have the Baby”

Texas and Ohio have ordered a stop to abortions, saying they’re not essential medical services. Other states will follow. Right-wing forces are using the pandemic as a pretext to crack down dramatically on abortion rights. We can’t let them.