30 Articles by: Owen Hatherley

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Owen Hatherley is the culture editor of Tribune. He is the author of several books, including Red Metropolis: Socialism and the Government of London.

War and Instagram in Ukraine

For the last few years, enthusiasts have documented Ukraine’s Soviet buildings online. Since February, they’ve been bombed and shelled. What happens next?


Spaghetti Junctions

How did New York become the only metropolis in the world to insist that its transit map reflect the layout of the city above?


Planned Paranoia

There’s a reason why urban housing developments and suburban subdivisions can seem threatening and unwelcoming to outsiders: they’re planned that way, in order to “design out crime.”


Anthem of the Commoners

Pulp’s 1995 hit “Common People” isn’t just a Britpop classic — it’s a more honest and brutal analysis of class than you’ll hear in the media today.


More Fun for More People

The architect, planner, and landowner Clough Williams-Ellis dedicated his estate to an experiment in “propaganda for architecture.” How did it become best known as the cutest of all the fictional dystopias?


It Came From Canada!

David Cronenberg’s first three films track the progress of epidemics “from the perspective of the disease.” What they reveal is a North American society already on the brink of disaster.


I Want My BBC

British television has increasingly become an arm of the Conservative Party — yet many on the Left nostalgically remember an earlier, more open media landscape. Was the BBC ever ours?